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Overnight Cloth Pull Up Training Pants - size large (4 to 6 years)

Kijani Baby

Regular price $24.95

No more making up to wet sheets, or spending too much money on Pull Ups!

Kijani overnight cloth pull ups are designed for 4 to 6 year olds to wear at night. (Small size for 2 to 4 years is also available). They consist of a waterproof cover and a snap in waterproof soaker. Doublers for extra absorbency can be purchased separately for heavy wetters for only $5

The cover has soft, stretchy sides and numerous waist settings to get a great fit on any child.

The soakers are made with absorbent layers of microfiber and cotton jersey, and have soft leg gussets for maximum leak protection.  The soakers have PUL of the back, giving these training pants a double layer of waterproof fabric.  The top of the soakers is a stay dry suedecloth, keeping your child dry and comfortable.  

Cloth pull ups are easy to care for - if they are wet, they can simply be thrown in with a regular load of laundry.  

For maximum absorbency, soakers should be washed before use.



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