About us

Kijani is a social enterprise based in Kampala, Uganda that:


Empowers Mamas

We strongly believe that the best way to empower women is to give them an opportunity, not a handout.  All Kijani products are handmade by Ugandan mothers, and we provide them with a positive working environment and a liveable income.  

Teddy, one of the hardworking Kijani tailors

Teddy, one of the hardworking Kijani tailors

Cares for babies: 

We know that you want to provide only the best for your baby, so we create unique, high quality baby products that are all natural and better for your baby.


Protects the Earth:

Kijani is a Swahili word that means "green" and reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and our commitment to create and sell earth-friendly baby products.

The Kijani team, celebrating the sale of their 1000th diaper in November 2015. Kijani has now sold more than 6000 diapers and employs 13 women.


Our story:

When Valerie and her husband Muigai were expecting their first child in 2008, they were looking for ways to save money on a baby and discovered modern cloth diapers. They used cloth on their daughter and loved the cost savings, health benefits, and environmental benefits of cloth diapers. When Valerie was expecting her second child, a friend taught her how to sew cloth diapers, and she started making her own.

The Muigai family moved to Uganda in 2012 and Valerie brought her extra diaper fabrics with her to sew diapers for friends as baby gifts. When their friends saw the diapers, they started placing orders for their own diapers.

When she started getting more requests for diapers, Valerie saw an opportunity to start a business as a way to create jobs for Ugandan mamas. After 9 years of working in international development in East Africa, Valerie recognized that most women don't want a handout, they want an opportunity to create a good life for themselves are their children. 

Kijani now provides an income to 13 Ugandan women and is growing every month. Kijani is the only cloth diaper company in Uganda and provides affordable cloth diapers for the local market, as well as exporting products to the US and other countries around the world.

In addition to the products they create, Kijani also sources high quality, all natural baby products from other local Ugandan businesses.

Kijani is currently in the process of organizing a scholarship program to provide tailoring scholarships to vulnerable women, who can then be employed by Kijani upon completion of their course.