Baby sleeping bag, 3-9 months

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Keep your baby warm, cozy, and safe in our colorful cotton sleeping bags.  Sleeping bags are like wearable blankets for your baby - because they cannot be kicked off, your baby will stay warm at night, minimizing night wakings and helping your baby (and you!) get a better night's sleep.  It is impossible for your baby to become entangled in the sleeping bag or have her face covered, so sleeping bags are a much safer option than traditional blankets.  Fits 3-9 months.

Kijani sleeping bags are:

- Made with gorgeous, soft 100% cotton kikoy material on the outside

 - Lined with 100% white cotton flannel on the inside

 - Zipper opens from the bottom up, making nighttime diaper changes easy

 - Protective flap covers the top of the zipper so there are no scratchy edges to irritate your baby